Adopt-A-Scholar Program


Education Changes Lives


With the cost of education increasing at an alarming rate, students are often discouraged from attending college immediately after high school. They realize the daunting expense associated with the pursuit – amassing large amounts of debt and possibly deferring graduation by several years.

To augment the much-needed funding, the Foundation introduced its Adopt-A-Scholar Program in 1989. This initiative invites local foundations, businesses, or individuals to sponsor Simon Estes Scholar(s) during their four-year undergraduate experience. Sponsors have reported a variety of reciprocal benefits resulting from this unique mentoring arrangement.

“The Simon Estes Foundation has proven to be a wise investment. Simply put, The Simon Estes Foundation finds those extraordinary high school students who dream to go to college and Williams helps them get there – all in the hopes of building a better society.”

Former President, Williams Foundation

Our ability to continue offering these essential scholarships is only limited by resources made available to us. You can help turn a student’s dream into reality by joining the Adopt-A-Scholar program.


What is Adopt-A-Scholar Program?



  • Corporations and/or individuals commit to underwrite one or more Scholars
  • Scholars may major in any field
  • Scholar’s progress is closely monitored
  • Strict adherence to scholastic and moral standards
  • Scholars periodically advise sponsors of academic progress and personal acclimation to college environment

Advantages to Sponsors:

  • Strengthening our society by ensuring an educated population
  • Combating intergenerational poverty
  • Sponsors witness a life-altering return on their wise investment
  • Sponsors becoming affiliated with a bright young student over four years of college
  • Watching dreams become realities
  • Helping our country maintain a competitive position in the global economy

Corporate Benefits:

  • Contributions are tax-deductible
  • Avoid the cost of managing an internal internship program.
  • Unique opportunity to groom and instill future employees with custom-made skills

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